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Working with an Experienced agent is key in making sound real estate decisions. 




VA LAW may begin the foreclosure process in as little as 60 days. 

Lenders will initiate foreclosure proceedings when borrowers become delinquent in their mortgage obligations, usually, after two to three payments are missed.  
**If you have equity in your home and for some reason, you have fallen behind, please know the bank will move far more quickly to foreclosure on your home than if you owe more than your home is worth.  
The lender will notify the borrower in writing that he or she is in default. The lender can request a trustee's sale or a judicial foreclosure, in which the property is sold at public auction. A borrower can cure the default by paying the overdue amount and the pending penalties prior to the sale but this often impossible for many.  If your home is sold at auction some lenders allow the successful bidder to take possession of the property immediately. If there is a refusal to vacate the premises, the court can issue an unlawful detainer that allows the sheriff to come out and evict. 

This is why you want to do everything you can to stop this. It reeks havoc on everyone involved and is one of the most damaging events that can occur in your credit history
Please, Please, Please call or email and let us help.
We can help you with the short sale process.

Short Sale process:
Although there is nothing short about the process, the short sale comes into play when the home is worth less now than when you bought it, hence "short" of the payoff.
People often ask; can I sell my home for less than what I owe?  Yes, you can.  This is what we call a "short sale" which by the way, conjures anything but the word "short" in my mind.
Yes, you can sell your home for less than what you owe on the mortgage, but it is a tough process and in no way for the Realtor who the faint of heart.  Agents will claim they know the process, please, please, please trust me many do not.   My prior company allowed brand new agents to work these transactions.

A knowledgeable agent is paramount.  A failed short sale can mean foreclosure.
Knowledge and Experience will help guide you through the process.  
Being informed helps the process go a little easier. 

Things to expect. 

*We request authorization to speak with your lender to begin the process of finding out what the short sale guidelines are. 
*You provide extensive financial information for the lender. paychecks/bank statements etc (to make sure there are no Swiss bank accounts and you qualify)
*We put your home on the market.
*Once you are under contract the lenders actually begin the review process once every single i is dotted, t is crossed and hair pulled out. 
*The lender then determines the value of your home. 
*And we go back and forth pushing for your approval. 

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